April 2020

Community Keyboards – featuring all that’s best from the King of Instruments.

http://www.communitykeyboards.com – now available – two brand new editions of the award-winning programme reflecting the King of Instruments in all its guises.  We’ll have music from TONY BACK, DAVID SHEPHERD, STEVE LOWDELL, JOHN MARSH, CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD, IAN CRUIKSHANKS, LENNY DEE, JOHN BEESLEY, KLAUS WUNDERLICH, JELANI EDDINGTON and ANDY QUIN.  We reveal our new signature tune on the occasion of the programme’s 40th Anniversary. As ever a packed couple of editions!  

Don’t forget you can contact the programme via this page or email – communitykeyboards@gmail.com. We’re live each Thursday morning at 9am on Oldham Community Radio 99.7FM, or via the station’s Listen Again service.

Hope you enjoy our April programmes and don’t forget to leave any comments for anything you would like to hear on Community Keyboards.


If you prefer to download the programmes, the links are below:

Media Player – April 2020 Edition 1

Media Player – April 2020 Edition 2

For the complete list of archived Community Keyboards programmes click here

About Community Keyboards and Ian Wolstenholme

For four decades I have been fortunate to produce and present in multi-media, news, views, interviews and music from the popular organ and keyboard world.  Personally, I like to take it a stage further and describe the genre as “all things from the King of Instruments in all its guises” – for that’s what the organ truly is.

I won’t bore you with a life story (but if I must, there’s a full biography!) but my latest venture has been “Community Keyboards”, a weekly hour-long programme (actually two brand new editions per month) containing music and conversation on Oldham Community Radio 99.7FM.  Being a community broadcaster, our transmitted signal is devised primarily to target the Oldham area; in truth, we have many listeners who can receive the station and its programmes across several parts of Greater Manchester and beyond.

Our programmes – including Community Keyboards – are available as a listen again option on the Oldham Community Radio website – and for ease, the entire back catalogue of Community Keyboards editions are available here or by visiting the “Editions” link in the menu. Don’t forget to check out a selection of “from the archives” programmes too!

Whether you are a seasoned professional performer, home hobby player, or just enjoy listening to good music, I hope you find a friend in Community Keyboards.  Please feel free to comment anytime below.