Welcome to the catalogue of back editions of Community Keyboards.  Simply click the links below where an audio file opens in a separate browser:

August 2018      EditionEdition 2

July 2018           Edition 1  Edition 2

June 2018          Edition 1  Edition 2

May 2018            Edition 1  Edition 2

April 2018           Edition 1  Edition 2

March 2018         Edition 1  Edition 2

February 2018    Edition 1  Edition 2

January 2018      Edition 1  Edition 2

December 2017   Edition 1  Edition 2

November 2017  Edition 1  Edition 2

October 2017       Edition 1  Edition 2

September 2017  Edition 1  Edition 2

August 2017         Edition 1  Edition 2

July 2017              Edition

June 2017            Edition

May 2017             Edition

April 2017            Launch Edition


Other Programmes and Podcasts for the enthusiast

You may wish to tune into any or all of these radio programmes/websites/blogs for quality organ and keyboard music on air and online:

ORGAN1st Radio

Produced and Presented by ex BBC local radio personality Alan Ashton, this monthly show available via MSS Studios, features new releases, classic favourites from the organ world.


James Dundon is your host for 24/7 continuous music from the world of automatic musical instruments – fairground, street, barrel organs and much much more.  The show features outside broadcasts from automatic music instrument fairs and events.


Produced and Presented by Damon Cox, this is a weekly 30 minute podcast covering music and events from the theatre organ world.  The show features special editions and non-commercial recordings from time to time, along with guest presenters and players.


Links to over 7000 organ and keyboard-related articles with a dedicated Hammond organ section


Since it’s inception in the late 90s, OrganFax has been a household name amongst organ and keyboard enthusiasts. Here you will find a wealth of information and useful resources related to the business of music making; this includes news, articles, directories and much much more.