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Recent Editions of Community Keyboards – Archive:

March 2020 – Music from the final concert by David Gray, a look back at guest Sonny Rice, Klaus Wunderlich, conversation with the late Dan Bellomy, music from Nathan Avakian, Chris Powell, Howard Beaumont, Anthony Lomas, Stephen Vincent, Alex McAllister and Douglas Reeve.   Edition 1   Edition 2

February 2020 – Harry Hussey on accordion, Brian Sharp on pipes and electronics, Catherine Drummond, Brett Wales, Robert Sudall, conversation with the late Frieda Hall, music from Stephen Vincent, Jeff Barker, Jimmy Smith, Mary Preston and Charles Hughes.  Edition 1   Edition 2

January 2020 – Hector Olivera, Simon Gledhill, Arnold Loxam plus we start this new year looking back at 40 years of popular organ sounds produced and presented by Ian Wolstenholme featuring music and memories from Eric Lord, Franz Lambert, Howard Beaumont, Wayne Marshall, Nigel Ogden, Alec Walters, Mark Laflin, Harry Stoneham, Charlie Balogh , Stephen Aber and Keith Beckingham  Edition 1   Edition 2

December 2019 – Music and conversation with Mark Laflin and Daniel Watt, report from the special Frank Hare memorial concert at Ossett a Town Hall and find out how keyboard music is being taught in Oldham plus seasonal musical items recorded especially for the programme from Alec Walters and Alex McAllister plus recordings on pipes and electronics from Jonathan Scott, George Wright, Dick Hyman, Klaus Wunderlich and Horace Finch   Edition 1   Edition 2

November 2019 – Tom Horton and David Gray, Oldham Organ and Keyboard Club, mark the 20th anniversary of the Stockport Town Hall Wurlitzer plus hear from the recent winners of the online Keyboard Forum Challenge. Howard Beaumont, Jim Vogelman, Vic Mizzy, Paul Crofts, Hans Hielscher, David Gray and Will Shaw. Edition 1   Edition 2

October 2019 – Mark Spafford, Dorian Collins and Michael Carter. Michael Wooldridge re-invents one of the popular home organ and keyboard magazines. We look back at 60 years of the Yamaha Electone and there’s music from Mark Laflin, Tom Horton, Carlo Curley, Penny Weedon, Harry Stoneham plus recent winners of the online Keyboard Forum Challenge. Edition 1     Edition 2

September 2019 – This month we talk with Kevin Morgan and hear a couple of extracts from his recent lunchtime appearance at the Stockport Town Wurlitzer. There’s music from Tony Fenelon, David Gray, Nigel Ogden, Jon Davies, Hugh Wallington, Dirkjan Ranzijn, Margaret Draper, Phil Kelsall, Isao Tomita, Claudia Hirschfeld and we chat with the late Doreen Chadwick plus a very rare recording of a 1960’s Cinema Organ Society concert featuring Charles Smitton at the ABC Regal Chester Compton. Edition 1   Edition 2

August 2019 – Tony Whittaker who makes a rare appearance in the area. One of the world’s most renowned classical organists Hans Uwe Hielscher joins me for an interesting insight into his long and diverse musical career as he visits Albion United Reformed Church in Ashton under Lyne to perform on the Lewis organ. Regular organist there and President of the Manchester Organists Association Derek Sharples chats about its interest in the Cavaille Coll organ in Manchester Town Hall and we hear from the winners of the TDP Keyboard Music Forum  Edition 1   Edition 2

July 2019 – In our July editions we feature some of my recordings which have been uncovered during a “tidy up” at home including part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Davenport Theatre in Stockport in 1987 featuring Bryan Rodwell and the Sound of Brass. Plus music from Trevor Daniels, Jon Taylor, Richard Hills, Andrew Gilbert, Joanne Naulls, Alex McAlllister, Chris Powell and Klaus Wunderlich. We chat with 2019 Theatre Organ Club Patron Howard Beaumont at Stockport Town Hall  Edition1    Edition 2

June 2019 –  Gordon Stewart, organist at Huddersfield Town Hall who chats with me about the renovation of a pipe organ in Gee Cross.  We meet organist Richard Hills at the Victoria Hall in Saltaire to find out more about his sparkling keyboard career. The first round of winners of the latest Keyboard Music Forum online challenge are featured as they take on the “country” theme and there’s a chance to hear a couple of tracks from organist Mark Laflin’s new CD recorded on Compton organ in St John Vianney Church in Clayhall. All this plus lots of music from the theatre and electronic organ world. Our second edition features a new name to the digital theatre organ marketplace – Mason Lowe – and Tower Ballroom star Phil Kelsall MBE presents this brand new instrument in Manchester for its first airing exclusive to Community Keyboards and we hear about it’s concept and development plans from Richard Lowe and David Mason. We journey over to Blackpool’s Opera House to hear four “Organists on Parade” – David Lobban, Stephen Austin, Cameron Lloyd and Alec Walters and hear some exclusive recordings of the superb 80-year old Wurlitzer there.  Edition 1    Edition 2

May 2019 – music and conversation with organist Peter Jebson at Stockport Town Hall and we visit the Victoria Hall in Saltaire, home to the Wurlitzer organ which started life in the Gaumont Cinema in Oldham, and meet one of the busiest all-round keyboard virtuoso performers Andy Quin at the console as guest of the Cinema Organ Society. In our second May programme we catch up with Tony Stace at Cheadle and District Organ Society and discover the connection between cake and keyboards! We travel across to the Peel Green Heritage Centre in Eccles to chat with Keith Beckingham at the console of not one, not two but three theatre and electronic organs under the watchful care of the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust.  Edition 1   Edition 2

April 2019  – including a look at the North & Midlands School of Music and we visit the Musical Museum at Kew Bridge in London as it hosts the 2019 American Theatre Organ Society ATOS Young Theatre Organist of the Year competition. Music this month from David Dunlap, Stephen Vincent, Ian Tracey, Carol Williams, Kevin Morgan, plus celebrity music and chat from Lewis Scott at the Astoria Centre in Barnsley. We journey down to London to visit and chat with Michael Wooldrige, Janet Dowsett, John Mann, Andy Quin, Paul Sheffield, Aaron Hawthorne, Robert Eldridge and a host of contenders in this year’s ATOS Young Theatre Organist of the Year competition including winners Lucy Griffiths and Will Shaw. Plus the winner of the Keyboard Music Forum monthly home performance poll this time John D.  Edition 1    Edition 2

March 2019 – featuring music and conversation from Pete Shaw, Paul Carman (who talks about the latest line up of Korg Keyboards for the home player) Jim Vogelman, Phil Kelsall, Howard Beaumont, Chris Barber plus music and conversation from Andrew Nix at the Stockport Town Hall Wurlitzer, Damon Cox from “The Organist Encores” and a special guest interview – American Orchestral Organist Walt Strony joins me for a chat and entertains at London’s Troxy Wurlitzer in his only UK appearance (live recording by kind permission of the artist). All this plus winners from the recent Keyboard Music Forum Poll Hugh Wallington and Tony Kettridge  Edition 1   Edition 2

February 2019 – David Harrild and Kevin Grunill and there’ll be a chance to hear the winners of a recent Keyboard Forum Challenge.  Michael Sullivan, Jesse Crawford.    Edition 1   Edition 2

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