From the archives….

Vic Mizzy

Here’s the full Vic Mizzy package recording in 2004 via a rather poor quality transatlantic telephone line.

Vic Mizzy – creator of the Addams Family Theme (and more)

From time to time you can listen to some old programmes which I presented in the 1980’s, 90’s and noughties on hospital radio.  There’s quite a collection and many feature informal conversations with some of the organ world “greats” plus opportunities to hear organs of the past.  The programmes were broadcast to a (truly) captive audience on a closed-circuit radio network across the (then) three hospitals in Oldham – Oldham and District General Hospital, Oldham Royal Infirmary and Dr Kershaws Cottage Hospital.  There were entirely live and part of the Radio Cavell output over twenty years or so.  In the case of many, this is the first time they have been heard since original “broadcast”.

I hope you enjoy these trips down memory lane for a “boy broadcaster”!  I will add to them regularly so do please check back soon.  I apologise for some of the sound quality and have made every effort to clean up some of these programmes made almost four decades ago. Allen special tribute from 1982






Harry Stoneham interview at Llay Organ Society from 2002